One More Electronic Step By Big Tobacco

Evaps Launches the New Vapor Intelligent e Cigarette

That makes them at least as good as other smoking cessation aids approved by regulators,Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston Universitys School of Public Health, told the WSJ. The European Union has ego said it plans to treat the e-cigarettes as medical devices, subjected to the same strict levels of testing, while in the U.S., the FDA has said it is still investigating how it will regulate them. The possibility of a new playing field in the $100 billion cigarette market has some outsiders excited. Silicon Valley investors including Napster co-founder Sean Parker recently spent $75 million buying a minority stake in NJOY, one of a number of startup e-cigarette brands that have grabbed market share in the small, growing space. And while the little guys have had plenty of room to move until now, the tobacco giants are all preparing their own moves. Reynolds American , the second-biggest tobacco company in the U.S.
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However, I found a slight chemical aftertaste using Logic that I didn’t experience with Blu. Still, this big, classy-looking eCig allows you to exhale a billowy cloud of vapor and provides a decent throat hit that mimics the mechanics of smoking “analog” cigs, fairly well. And, the aftertaste of Logic didn’t make me as queasy as another competing eCig brand, NJoy . The Starter Kit Logic’s starter kit is nowhere near as fancy as Blu’s.
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Logic Premium Electronic Cigarettes

19th April 2013: Evaps Fr., a well known company, now introduced the Joyetech e-cigarette at reasonable cost. It is one of the most popular e-cigarette brands today. The flavors coming from the e cigarette do not harm the people around the person smoking. The vapors help people in tolerating the smoke who find it difficult to breathe in. Vapors nullify the effect of smoke by spreading those flavors in form of smoke.
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